fredag 8. september 2017

Slutt og snakk om det og begynn og gjør det @ Bibelstudie

-- Alt strev fører vinning med seg, tomt snakk gir bare tap. -- Ordspråkene 14:23


Det du sier har en direkte forbindelse til hjertet ditt.
Uansett hva hjertet ditt er fylt med, kommer ut av munnen din.
Hvis du er full av sinne, kommer sinne ut av munnen din. Hvis hjertet ditt er fylt med depresjon, kommer det ut av munnen. Hvis hjertet ditt er fylt med glede, kommer det ut av munnen.

Bibelen sier i Markus 12:30: -- Du skal elske Herren din Gud av hele ditt hjerte og av hele din sjel og av hele ditt sinn og av all din kraft. --

En annen måte og si dette på, er og elske Gud med måten du snakker på,  alle dine følelser, alt du tenker på og alle dine handlinger.

Hjertefolk har det vanskelig med og være stille. De er pratsomme. Når du er en hjerteperson, må du slippe det ut. Du må fortelle andre mennesker. Hjertefolk elsker og fortelle historier. De elsker og sitte og snakke, spesielt i hjerte til hjerte samtaler.

Verden trenger mennesker som kommuniserer. Vi trenger mennesker som kan lede diskusjoner og de som kan verbalisere hva de andre av oss føler. Vi trenger lærere, rådgivere og trenere som kan lære oss og lede oss. Vi trenger komikere. Vi trenger predikanter. Vi trenger alle de menneskene som er bygget på verbale ferdigheter og som er i stand til og flytte verden fremover.

Guds advarsel for de som snakker er dette: Du må også handle. Ordspråkene 14:23: -- Alt strev fører vinning med seg, tomt snakk gir bare tap. -- Det betyr at du må gå videre. Noen mennesker kommer aldri forbi diskusjonsfasen. Hva gjør du med livet ditt? Du kan si: " Jeg snakker om og gjøre dette. " Men hvor lenge har du snakket om det? Tre år? Når skal du slutte og snakke og begynne og handle?

fredag 11. juli 2014

- reading time -

Hei på dere :-) jeg har bestemt meg for og skrive på norsk og heller ha engelsk oversettelse under innleggene. Håper det går greit for dere :-) er jo greit for mine norske lesere også :-)

i dag har jeg vært hos tannlegen - gikk veldig bra. Kom med smerter, men det var ikke noe og finne så mest sannsynlig kommer det fra kjeven som igjen kommer fra at jeg spenner meg veldig fordi jeg har vondt i hodet osv.

Men det er jo bra at de ikke fant noe galt. jeg og pappa dro på biblioteket - og der fant jeg en bok jeg hadde lyst og lese - så denne ble med meg hjem. så i dag kommer jeg til og sette meg godt til rette for og lese - faktisk skal jeg gjøre nettopp det nå, sitte på verandaen en liten stund med kaffekoppen min - kan ikke sitte alt for lenge da hodet fort får belastning, men en liten stund blir det.

koste meg med en smoothie til frokost - og det smakte helt fantastisk! nydelig mettende måltid - føler jeg har fått en dose energi :-)

vi blogges <3


Hello you :-) I've decided to write on Norwegian and have English translation under the posts. Hope it goes smoothly for you :-)it's okay for my Norwegian readers too :-)

Today I have been at the dentist - went very well. Come with pain, but it was nothing to find that most likely comes from the jaw, which in turn comes from that I have bent me a lot because I have a headache etc.

But it's good that they did not find anything wrong. me and my dad went to the library - and there I found a book I wanted to read - so this went home with me. so today I am going to put me well facilitated and read - in fact I'll do just that now, sitting on the porch for a moment with my coffee mug - can not sit for too long then my head kept getting loads, but a little while becomes.

it was cosy with some smoothie for breakfast - and it tasted amazing! lovely hearty meal - feel I have received a dose of energy :-)

blog to you later <3

torsdag 10. juli 2014

- im home -

Hello you dear readers :-) I've been a bit poorly at blogging the past few days, the holidays have just been too cozy, but now we are home again. I know I miss Oslo a bit, although it's very best at home, I like me best at home, but it is very cozy to go to Oslo after all :-)

Hope all is well with you! I'm waiting for my food to finish. Im so insanely hungry now that it really is scary.

we've had it so incredibly cozy in Oslo with our dear good friends - Caroline and Lars Jøran :-) it has been quite amazing.

A wonderful trip in every way, but I feel  extremely tired, just like that of the usual tired, so I think it will not be too long before I valleys into dreamland.

I blog more tomorrow. sweet dreams everybody <3

onsdag 9. juli 2014

- update -

Hello you dear blog readers :-) First and foremost I want to thank you that you read my blog and so many visitors. It warms <3 

I have not had time to blog something today for the simple reason that the day has passed in one, but so amazing it has been.

The day started with a lovely hotel breakfast before we went to the room and sleep a little, A small powernap, I love it.

Then we went on shopping, we split up, the girls and boys. Stop by the shops we like best, and it was something and I love what I bought was so incredibly nice. Especially the purse Tihi ..

So we have eaten lovely meals and enjoyed the day a lot! Some pictures from the day. Wish you all a good night <3

tirsdag 8. juli 2014

We are in Oslo

A little late update from me today, but we are in Oslo and having a good time with our good friends Caroline and Lars Jøran. A great bunch we hihi. Today we have eaten delicious food on fridays, been at Aker Brygge - love it alot.  Now we have added us for the evening and we will be up early tomorrow for breakfast at the hotel. That reminded me that I need to set the clock on calls. Hope you are doing well.

The hotel room is fantastic. IT is incredible and all that. Set maybe two hours in the hotel room and talked nonsense. Thats the way a vacation should be. Throw some pictures from the hotel room. 
Wish you a good night :-)

mandag 7. juli 2014

- i love this day -

.... I love this day, this Monday. I'll enjoy this first day of the week, this week will be so nice - I just know it :-)

even if the weather is nasty and all that (it rains) so one must simply make the best out of the situation, which at this moment is considered, I wrap myself into a good, thick and cozy sweater . My favorite sweater, a pink sweater with glitter in it and a high neck, I love it - even though it itches, but I've learned to like it and for that, I mean - it is after all lovely!

tea - coffee, something warm to drink - I know cravings for it - like absolutely. Therefore, it has been X-number of this already.

Books, I never get enough, I love to read! Netflix, I have plenty of shows to see - and not talk about all the lights, the candles, I love life just the way it is - I have everything and more <3

- Minded -

An minded individual - it's me, I end up with thinking, stare into space and just be. Take the stillness in a way, well hello it is quite wrong all along. Where's my mind and what I think really - not once did I know, but what I do know is that I started this blog for a simple reason, and have written down my deepest, weird, crazy and hopeless, yet happy , humorous, happy, optimistic considering the chaos. There you have me, a confused individual, but so incredibly pleased and happy as I am!


hey you once again :-)  I'm sitting and thinking in my head what I'm going to have to Oslo, it will be as good. I try and think outfit in the head, envision what to wear on me - is it not the case that one should dress according to fashion when one is in such a great city, the capital of Norway, I love oslo, but it seems is enough and be there for a few days, I miss so fast my town Gjøvik that I really love and not talk about mjøsa, fine - lovely mjøsa.

 Lots and do today in the apartment, washing clothes right now and will start with project apartment very soon, or as soon as I get finished with the writing  hihi.

enjoy the day <3